Introducing Petr Jandera, the acclaimed young photographer whose lens captures the essence of life’s stories. Born in a tranquil mountain village in Czechia, Petr’s artistic journey unfolds from the bustling streets of Prague to the enchanting vibes of Barcelona and the dynamic landscapes of New York.


Specializing in portrait and commercial photography, Petr has crafted iconic images of celebrities and fashion editorials, leaving an indelible mark on major corporations’ advertising campaigns. His love for unique portraits transcends the ordinary, each frame narrating a compelling story that goes beyond the visual.


Petr’s perspective is a blend of talent, uniqueness, and an innate ability to find beauty in the ordinary. While the city fuels his creative energy, he finds solace in nature, a theme woven seamlessly into his work. Beyond the urban hustle, Petr finds inspiration in the tranquility of nature, a passion reflected in both his personal and professional life. Despite winning climbing and surfing competitions, these pursuits now stand as cherished hobbies, adding an authentic touch to his multifaceted portfolio.


by Aspasia Miletus / The Wall Street Journal / 2024